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NGO Platform can also help you find volunteers for your NGO. 
This applies to volunteer work on a regular basis as well as one-off or incidental init

I am looking for volunteers
on a regular basis

If you are looking for volunteers on a regular basis, please fill in the vacancy form for volunteers. When you completed the form, we will contact you to look together for a suitable match. This can be done by looking into our database of by placing a vacancy in our vacancy database on the website.

I am looking for volunteers for one-off or incidental or incidental initiatives  

If you want to submit a request for one-off or incidental initiatives in our online pop up volunteer work database, please send an email to or call/WhatsApp to (+599) 777-2366.

Describe in your message what kind of initiative it is, for which NGO, what the time/location of the initiative are, how people can reach you and optional: a link to a website or Facebook page for further information.

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