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Survey for Grant Applicants for Cultural Funds

The RCN/OCW Caribbean, in collaboration with the Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB) conducts a survey to assess the needs of organizations that are active are in the cultural sector in order that European Dutch funds can be more accessible to applicants from Bonaire. It is therefore important that the OCW receive as many respondents as possible and the NGO Platform is happy to facilitate in this. The survey can be filled below or by clicking on this link.

NGO Platform Bonaire

The NGO Platform Bonaire is the support point for NGO’s on Bonaire.

It also maintains a NGO registry and a volunteer database.

Address: Kaya Amsterdam 23 (Unit 2) 

Email: info@ngobonaire.org

Phone:  +599-717-2366

Mobile: +599-786-3444

KvK:        12345-67

CRIB:       303050445

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