NGO Platform Bonaire is the volunteer center and support point for NGO’s on Bonaire.

The NGO Platform offers information and support when developing projects, organizing events, founding a non profit organization, applying for funding etc. The NGO Platform also helps with administration, such as writing annual reports, letters, budgets, PR and they offer practical support like copy, print and fax service, the possibility to borrow a laptop and beamer etc. NGO Platform Bonaire has over 130 member-organizations and together they all work hard to improve the welfare of Bonaire!

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the HEART!  Elizabeth Andrew

Our Mission

Our mission is to supposrt and empower local NGO's for them to continue to enable the Bonairean community to build a brighter tomorrow.

Our mission is also to stimulate cooperation among the local NGO's.


Our Vision

Volunteering is the best way to effectively give back to our society, for this reason our vision is for every Bonairean inhabitants to be a volunteer for at least one hour per week.

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