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NGO Platform Bonaire


 NGO Platform Bonaire has over 80 members. Below an overview of our services.


Foundations, associations and volunteers can get information about setting up a foundation or projects, organizing events of apply for a grant. 

Volunteer center 

NGO platform also act as volunteer center for Bonaire. We have a vacancy database and help with matching NGOs and volunteers. Besides, we support NGOs with acquisition and drawing policy, and supply workshops and trainings.


NGO Platform offers various substantive support to NGOs. For example, with developing project plans, writing grand applications and promoting events. 

Workshops and trainings are also organized several times a year. 


Practical help

We provide various substantive support to NGOs. For example, with working out project plans, writing grant applications for funds or promoting events. 



"United you stand strong".

NGO Platform stimulates cooperation between NGOs by bringing them together. Meetings are organized several times a year where there is an opportunity to exchange ideas.


Our mission

Our mission is to support and empower local NGO's for them to continue to enable the Bonairean community to build a brighter tomorrow.

Our mission is also to stimulate cooperation among the local NGO's.

Our vision

Volunteering is the best way to effectively give back to our society. For this reason our vision is for every Bonairean inhabitants to be a volunteer for at least one hour per week.

Our Mission
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