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Volunteer work on Bonaire

What is volunteer work?

We are talking about volunteer work on Bonaire when a natural person works voluntarily without salary, in a more or less organized context. Volunteers can  choose from various non-profit organizations, such as foundations, associations, clubs, schools or nursing homes. 

It involves activities of a voluntary nature, so not a 'normal job for a boss' in a profit business. As a volunteer you make a selfless effort for the society. This is not mandatory, but there is a certain amount of responsibility involved. Sometimes a small compensation can be given or an allowance for petrol of telephone costs, for example.

What NGO Platform can do for you

For volunteers

NGO Platform supports anyone who wants to do volunteer work (with a non-profit character) in any form.

If you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis, we ask you to fill in the intake form. Based on your wishes and interests, we will see if there is a suitable organization w
here you can get started. Over time, we monitor, in consultation with the NGO, whether both parties are still satisfied with the collaboration.

If you prefer not to be tied to weekly recurring activities, it is also possible to do one-off or incidental volunteer work. For example, by participating in a beach clean-up.

Click on the button below for more information about becoming a volunteer on Bonaire.

For NGOs

NGO Platform also helps to find volunteers for NGOs on Bonaire. This applies to volunteer work on a regular basis as well as one-off or incidental initiatives. Using our database or by placing a call on the website/social media, we will look together for a suitable match for your organization or initiative.

Are you looking for volunteers who are available on a regular basis for a longer period of time? Then fill in the
online vacancy form below.

If you want to submit a request for one-off or incidental initiatives, please send an email to or call/WhatsApp to (+599) 777-2366.

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