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NGO Platform Bonaire moves to Kaya Amsterdam

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Starting 01 of September 2019, the NGO Platform Bonaire office will move from Kaya Grandi 52C to Kaya Amsterdam 23. This is near the Chamber of Commerce.

With this, the NGO Platform Bonaire will improve it’s service to the NGO sector of Bonaire. In her new building the NGO Platform Bonaire will have more space where NGO’s can spontaneously come to meet & connect with other NGO’s. The NGO Platform Bonaire will also setup two office spaces for NGO’s who don’t have their own office. Finally, the NGO Platform Bonaire will also setup a fully functional conference room where NGO’s can conduct their meetings and conferences.

Additionally, the NGO Platform Bonaire will start with biweekly NGO Connect Nights at this new building. During these NGO Connect Nights, NGO’s can present themselves in a creative way to their peers. In this way, the NGO Platform Bonaire tries to stimulate the cooperation between the Bonairean NGO’s. The NGO Connect Nights will take place in the months of September, October and November of this year and they will all take place in the new NGO Platform Bonaire building at Kaya Amsterdam.

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