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Do I need a legal declaration if I am going to do volunteer work on Bonaire?

Volunteer foreign national (not being Dutch)

Stay up to 3 months
If a foreign national performs voluntary work for a maximum of 12 weeks within a period of 52 weeks, no TWV is required for this. Since in that case the foreign national will also be staying within the free period (as a tourist), it is not necessary to apply for a residence permit for a definite period of time.

Stay longer than 3 months
If a foreign national performs voluntary work for longer than 12 weeks, a TWV is required for this and the foreign national must also apply for a temporary residence permit subject to a restriction related to 'residence as a volunteer'. This is a temporary right of residence that can be granted for a maximum of one year. After one year, the residence permit cannot be extended. In principle, the pieces are equal to the pieces of paid employment. Some differences are that a volunteer contract is submitted instead of an employment contract and that the labor market test is not a requirement. At the back of the application form (explanatory pages) for a temporary residence permit, you should look under the headings “paid employment” and “volunteers”. All these documents are required for the application.

Dutch volunteers

Stay up to 3 months
Do not require a declaration of authorization by operation of law. May volunteer in their free term as a tourist.

Stay longer than 3 months
Must apply for a declaration of authorization by operation of law (MBES08). To this end, the following documents must be submitted (for general information, please consult our website under the copy of Applications for residence for Dutch nationals – Declaration of admission by law):

- completed and signed application form
- copy of the applicant's valid passport
- (from the age of 12 and if you have also lived outside the Kingdom for the past five years): copy *legalised/postilled statement of good conduct, issued by the competent authority during the last five years (not older than 3 months on the date of submission ) or a written statement (not older than 3 months on the date of submission) which satisfactorily demonstrates this
- documents showing that one has access to housing in the public bodies
- proof of independent, sustainable and sufficient means of existence
- a valid volunteer work agreement + copy ID head of volunteer organization OR
- employer's statement (MBES29) + copy of the head of the volunteer organisation

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