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First application round Faro: now open until September 8 / Community Heritage

'Faro' is a set of principles with a bottom-up approach to recognizing and valuing a community's heritage

In Faro, ​​citizens' initiatives and participation are central to heritage practice. It emphasizes the social relevance of heritage care and responds to strengthening heritage communities. Last year, the heritage field drew up an implementation agenda that serves as a starting point for applications for possible Faro initiatives. The most important criterion for funding Faro initiatives is the long-term effect on heritage policy and the way in which heritage care is organised. Faro's implementation/implementation agenda encourages local heritage citizens' initiatives, cultural organizations and public entities to adopt (where possible in collaboration) innovative initiatives that will make heritage policy and practice more participatory and inclusive.

Other examples to consider:

- participation project with residents to identify and recognize heritage values as input for community-oriented heritage policy, regional canon (important island history), landscape biography, etc.

- a series of informative conversations under the supervision of an external process supervisor with all those involved about dealing with archaeological heritage and how you can safeguard agreements about this in assignments, policy or regulations.

Deadline 1: September 8, for submitting a (draft) proposal.

Deadline 2: September 20 for the project plan and budget proposal.

To schedule an appointment in August, please send an email to:

Between 10 – 25 August:

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