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Your opinion on new BES laws before they become final

This is your chance to have your say on new laws before they become final. The Dutch government uses to collect ideas from residents and organisations, including NGOs, about legislative proposals. These are called consultations. At the moment there are 3 internet consultations that you can think about.

Protection Against Discrimination ActClosing time: until Monday 31 July 2023NGO Platform and a number of its members have contributed to the realization of the bill "protection against discrimination on the BES", which is why we think it is important that our members have the opportunity to give their opinion on this.

Other possibly relevant consultation rounds that are relevant to you and/or your organization are:

Introduction of Citizen Service Number and Digital Government Facilities ActClosing time: until Sunday 30 July 2023

Law change WolBES and FinBES

Closing time: until September 29, 2023 (Dutch time)

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