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Registration BON DOET 2023 is open

Since this week, it is possible to register your project for BON DOET 2023. Participating is easy but it is important to register your project before January 30, 2023. We ask you to describe briefly what your BON DOET project entails and an indication of what the costs are. You can apply for a financial contribution of a maximum amount of USD 650,-. Interested volunteers can then register themselves via the BON DOET website and come help with your project. Register your project or as volunteer via Do you need help with registering your project or applying for a financial contribution? The BON DOET TEAM can help you with that. Feel free to contact us Phone: (+599) 717 2366 Email:

BON DOET will take place on Friday March 10 and Saturday March 11, 2023.

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